Anna & Zach

Anna and Zach’s wedding day was breathtaking. The day started with Zach and his groomsmen getting haircuts and shaves at the Brick and Mortar barber shop, then Anna and Zach exchanged gifts acoss a curtain, said their vows in the Indianapolis State Capitol, and held their beautiful reception in the Columbia Club. The whole day was perfect from beginning to end.

Caroline & Joey

I don’t know if there are two nicer humans than these two! They love to visit greenhouses together and be surrounded by greenery. That’s why they decided to shoot their bridals in this greenhouse that they have never visited. The shoot was filled with them taking in the beauty around them. I love when locations are meaningful to the couple, it makes it that much more special!

Hannah & Kendall

Hannah and I are both from Pittsburgh area, so I knew her growing up! She is the sweetest, happiest person and she found herself the perfect match! Her and Kendall are getting married this Saturday and I am so excited to be apart of their big celebration! :) 

We had so much fun at their engagement session exploring Tibble Fork! What a gorgeous location it is, and they even got in the water (which by the way is mountain run off water - so they almost froze). Check it out!!

Daisy & Levi

I got to hang out with Daisy and Levi while we were visiting St. George. They were so much fun, and they have plans to be sealed in the St. George Temple very soon! I am so excited for them!!

And the dress maker for this dress is AMAZING. Her name is Janay Marie, and she is an absolute miracle worker with her dress creating!! Straight up talent.

Check out her Instagram by clicking on her name!

Dress maker: Janay Marie

Melissa & Ryan

I was able to go to one of the most beautiful places on the earth for this photoshoot. It is located in Zions National Park and believe me when I tell you that it was well worth the trip to see! 

I was so lucky to work with Melissa and Ryan for this shoot, and to have Jasmin Khan be the amazing hair and make up artist! And these amazing dresses were provided by Sassy Chic Bridal, based in St. George, UT

Check out all of these talented ladies instagrams!

(Click on their name to go to their page)

Model: Melissa Gerhart

HMUA: Jasmin Khan

Dressmaker: Sassy Chic Bridal

Cj & Red

Snow Canyon State Park is an amazing hidden gem that I have become obsessed with. The reason I say it is hidden is because it was so relaxed and low key with very few people there which I found shocking because it has the most AMAZING views and mountains. 

Also, Cj and Red are the coolest ever so this shoot was absolutely incredible! We were laughing and having a blast the whole time!

Also, I got to work with Jasmin Khan again which was AMAZING because she is such an incredible hair and make up artist.

Click on a name to check out her and CJ's page on insta!

Model: Cj Olsen Islamovic

HMUA: Jasmin Khan

Danielle & Logan

I got to hang out at Cutler Reservoir with these two love birds and it was amazing! We literally had a blast and were laughing the whole time. I am so looking forward to their wedding!

I cannot even tell you how much I love what I do.

Check out their cuteness!

Kylie & Chase

Last year, one of my favorite people and photographers ever, Kylie Morgan, did a PNW giveaway. If you won, you got to hang out with her and her husband in the coolest locations in the Pacific Northwest and have your pictures taken. Also included with the prize were road trip snacks, hours of catch phrase, endless laughing sessions, and feeling like you may be in a dream because the whole thing is too amazing.

When I first found out that I won, I continuously squealed and rolled around in my bed while my husband tried to sleep. I was literally so excited it was insane. And it was worth every bit of excitement because it exceeded all of my expectations and then some.


Kylie Morgan is a flawless photographer. You can check out her work at:

Also, Kylie let me use her camera to take photos of them on this trip cause I didn't bring my camera for some reason? And they're so cute they literally posed themselves, but I edited them, so that counts for something right? 😂

Here are my favorite pictures I took of these two on the trip:

(And then below these are some of my favorites that Kylie took for us :)

Which means there are a million..





Here are some of my favorites that Kylie took of us! She is amazingg. If you want to check out her blog post of this amazing trip on her website, click here


Jocelyn & Cody

Jocelyn and Cody are perfect. End of story. Just look at them!! And we did our photoshoot at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, which is a location I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot at! It was windy, and such a fun adventure. So believe me when I say that it was a dream. And on top of all of that, they literally made me feel like a million bucks all throughout the shoot. I cannot even express how much that meant to me! They are so sweet and so in love, and they make a dynamite team!!

Wade and Sarah

Wade is my older brother, and Sarah is my sister in law, and they are both incredibly kind and fun. So this shoot was a blast! You can't tell by the photos, but it was absolutely freezing the day we took these! I grew up near Brownsville, Pennsylvania, and I think it is one of the best locations for a photoshoot; so rustic and beautiful.