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Kylie & Chase

Last year, one of my favorite people and photographers ever, Kylie Morgan, did a PNW giveaway. If you won, you got to hang out with her and her husband in the coolest locations in the Pacific Northwest and have your pictures taken. Also included with the prize were road trip snacks, hours of catch phrase, endless laughing sessions, and feeling like you may be in a dream because the whole thing is too amazing.

When I first found out that I won, I continuously squealed and rolled around in my bed while my husband tried to sleep. I was literally so excited it was insane. And it was worth every bit of excitement because it exceeded all of my expectations and then some.


Kylie Morgan is a flawless photographer. You can check out her work at:

Also, Kylie let me use her camera to take photos of them on this trip cause I didn't bring my camera for some reason? And they're so cute they literally posed themselves, but I edited them, so that counts for something right? 😂

Here are my favorite pictures I took of these two on the trip:

(And then below these are some of my favorites that Kylie took for us :)

Which means there are a million..





Here are some of my favorites that Kylie took of us! She is amazingg. If you want to check out her blog post of this amazing trip on her website, click here